We have listed important information to know what to order or for installing hardware yourself.

-Handing Chart: When trying to explain which way a door opens, which can be very important when installing locks, trims devices, panic devices, and closers, refer to the handing chart.

-Glossary: For words in the door industry that may be new to you check out the glossary.

-Architectural Finish Symbols: On manufactuers catalogs and on product labels you will noticed codes for the finish of an item. Refer to the Finish symbols page for help with these codes.

-UL Standards for Fire Rated Openings: There are strict laws on fire rated doors in industrial applications. To review the ratings click here.

-Standard ADA Hardware Locations: Manufactuers have pre-established hardware locations for there products. Check them out here.

-Hinge Locations and Door Sizes: Hinge locations also have pre-established locations per manufactuers. Check them out here.