319DS – D – Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum with Black Sponge Silicone insert


About Perimeter Gasketing (PG)
Pemko perimeter gasketing products are designed to seal the gap around the top and the 2 sides of a door assembly. The top of the door (head) is the first number used in ordering a perimeter set of gasketing. The sides (side jambs) are the second number used in ordering. The side jambs are provided as two pieces. Numerous channels are available with a wide variety of inserts.

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Pemko Standard Perimeter Gasketing
Rigid jamb weatherstrip is shown mounted on openings with 1/16″ gaps; however, each weatherstrip can seal gaps up to the depth of its seal. Seal depth is provided on each illustration.
Stainless steel fasteners are standard. Other fasteners are available.
This periemter gasketing is supplied with a Sponge Silicone (“S”) insert – item number SR1BL.

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